TentPole Technologies started in the garage, living room and storage space of Tom & Terry Hegerle. Thirty plus years later they are both still at it. Tom was around at the advent of aluminum tent poles and has an advocate for only the best ever since. He also saw the gap in the industry all the way back then that the customer support of tent poles by the tent makers was never going to be able to keep up with how fast the tent and tent pole technologies change. Knowing that you shouldn’t have to give up a good tent for one little break, he started finding a way to bring repair and replacement solutions to the masses.

In the past 10 years Tom & Terry brought on a few people to help them out that have refused to leave. This has created the supportive environment they had hoped to be a part of throughout their lives. We also have some great recurring seasonal workers that have only made it all that much more fun to come to work each day and season.

Today we are still a relatively small company. We provide tent pole repair, replacement and some design to everyone we can. We hope to keep every tent that we can from going to a landfill. We also recycle dead tent poles whenever they have hit the end of their road. Continually trying to meet the demands of the industry we help individuals adapt their poles, create new products and find the best tent pole solutions we can.

Our Goal is to give each customer, big and small, the personal human experience that should be part of every purchase and project. We take great pride in doing our best to meet the demands of individuals and the industry whenever we can. We hope to keep your tent going and your camping trips worry free.

Looking for repair?

If you are ready to send your pole in please click on the button below to download the repair form. Please fill it out and send in with your pole.
Repair Form

Our office will be short on staff from July 10-15. There may be delays in our response time, processing and turn-around. We will do all we can to get you poles before your next trip. If you have a date, you are planning on camping before July 19th. Please let us know when placing an order or sending poles in for repair. Thank you for your understanding