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Have a broken Pole?

Section replacement, Straightening and shock cord replacement. We do everything we can to get your tent poles back to like new contidition.
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Assembled Poles

We custom build aluminum and fiberglass

We can also build to a many tent pole specifications we have collected

If you have an REI tent we may have poles in stock!
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Tent Pole Parts

Easton Aluminum, Fiberglas, Carbon fiber, Syclone, Shock cord, Tent Stakes Repair sleeves... If it goes to a tent pole it is probably here.
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Tent Poles are often more  specific than one might think. These are questions that we get most often and have come up with some useful answers to help.
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Designing Your Product

We do what we can for the individual inventor. If you are looking for first steps and are curious what we can help you with start here.
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visual of arc measurements

Corporate and Bulk

If you are looking to order quanities of tent poles beyond 100 pieces and would like to discuss supply chain, timelines and pricing this is where you should go.
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About Us

TentPole Technologies specializes in fiberglass and aluminum tent pole replacements and repairs. Our team has over 35 years of experience working with the industry’s top suppliers, including Easton Aluminum.

Tent Pole Replacement

We replace tent poles for all major manufacturers’ tents using only the highest quality shock cord, aluminum and fiberglass materials. Let us know the make, model, and pole specs of your tent and we’ll get you ready for your next camping adventure.

Tent Pole Repair

With a dedicated shop and our expertise in tent poles, TentPole Technologies provides quality repair of bent and broken equipment. We carry a wide variety of materials to get your poles working like new.

Looking for repair?

If you are ready to send your pole in please click on the button below to download the repair form. Please fill it out and send in with your pole.
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