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Tent Pole Repairs

Section Replacement, Shock Cord replacement and pole straightening. Our team of experienced tent pole techs work hard to get your poles back to factory form and function.

Tent Pole Replacement

We build poles to specifications and to match measurements where ever they come from. This valuable service is unique to what we do. No other company has as large of a database of specifications to work from and will build poles to match the original and kepp your tent out of a landfill. Additionally we bring in poles to fit/support REI tents direct from the manufacturers.

Custom Projects

This speciality service allows you to make that special project you are thinking about. For shorter packing pole sets, art installations, telescopes, pond covers and beyond, we are happy to help you find the material we think best suites your needs. And, we will let you know what we can and cannot provide.
visual of arc measurements

Looking for repair?

If you are ready to send your pole in please click on the button below to download the repair form. Please fill it out and send in with your pole.
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