What is the difference between a “Pole” and a “Section”?

  • A “Pole” is made up of several “Sections” combined.

  • A “Section” is a single component of a “Pole”.

Can you send me DAC or Yunan sections or Parts for my tent?

  • No. For all non-Easton poles we have you send the complete pole or set to us for repair in house.

    • We can repair almost any DAC or Yunan pole. Though they come out with new materials each year. Because of this we may not have received the newest materials by the time you need a repair completed. With the complete pole/set in house we can usually find a solution or arrange to get the part sooner.

    • If you send in a single section of a pole we will contact you and request the rest of the pole.

    • Even if we have done this for you in the past we have discontinued the service of section duplication. This decision has not been made lightly but is necessary for us to provide services that meet our standards.

If I don’t know the Make and/or Model of my tent, can you still build me poles?

  • There is a chance. If you still have your original poles there is a good chance we can use them to get all the information we need to make a new pole or pole set! So, don’t throw them away!

  • If you have them handy take some pictures and measure what you can. Then fill out all the information you can here (link: and we will guide you in the next best steps

If I do have the Make and Model number of my tent can you build me poles?

  • There are more tents in the world than we can identify and have specifications for. If we can use the make and model to figure out your exact tent then there is a good chance we are going to be able to make you some great replacement tent poles.

How do I find my model number?

  • Many manufacturers have a tag sewn into the tent that has many number on it. This tag on the inside of the tent is the most reliable. If there are more numbers than you can make sense of a picture or just listing them all is good enough for us to try and find the right information.

  • Sometimes the model number is in multiple places such as: the bag, the box, the fly, the pole bag. However, these may not all have the right number but we can try.

I think I found my tent model number through an online search, will that work?

  • There are often a minimum of 2 model numbers for most tents on the market. They came from the same Maker and have the same Name BUT they have different model numbers and POLES! So, when doing a search online and you find a model number we will build poles to match “that” model. We custom build poles and if they do not fit based on the wrong model information, the cost to get it right is going to be on you. So, even though it isn’t any fun, pull the tent out and get as much information form the tent you own itself. It can help you save time, money and a lost camping trip.

Can you make my poles fold smaller?

  • The answer to this is in 2 parts.

    • If your poles have hubs, specialty joints, connectors in specific locations the answer 98% of the time is NO.

    • If your poles are straight when laying on the ground without any specialty connectors attached to them the answer is 98% of the time YES!

Can you make my poles lighter?

  • If your poles have hubs, specialty joints, connectors in specific locations the answer 100% of the time is NO.

  • If your poles are straight when laying on the ground without any specialty connectors attached to them the answer is 98% of the time YES!

    • If your poles are made of Fiberglass –Yes

    • If your poles are made of Aluminum – Sometimes.

    • If your poles are made of Carbon Fiber – No, you already have the lightest poles available.

I have an idea for a product, can you help me?

  • We can help you in a limited capacity. Services we do offer

    • Prototype poles to your measurements

    • Diameter/Material recommendations

    • Pre-bending aluminum parts

    • There is a charge to have us test material pre-bend capacity

    • Help making your pole/product the most efficient in cost and size

    • We do not offer

      • Test materials free of charge

      • Provide free prototypes for your testing

      • Create our own aluminum parts

        • Our available materials are listed throughout the website. If you want parts you do not see on our website, you will likely need to source these parts yourself.

      • Tent Bodies, Sewing

      • Sourcing 3D printing

I have a “insert brand name here” tent. Can you take care of my warranty claim?

  • If your tent/product is created by another company you will need to contact them directly for your costs to be covered. We do not do direct warranty services for any brand, company or manufacturer.

Do you provide the original poles for REI, Mountain Hardwear, Sierra Designs, The NorthFace, North Pole Limited, Cabela’s, Bass Pro shop, etc…?

  • The short answer is no. We are an after market company and are not an original manufacturer.

  • When one of these companies refers you to us it is because we may able to make or repair a pole faster than they can. We do our best to help you keep your tent alive and well however, there are tents that we will not have a solution for.

I have an Instant Up Awning (8×8, 10×10, 12×12), Can you repair these poles?

  • Unfortunately the answer to this is no. The way these are made, leaves almost no ability to repair. Please find your nearest steel recycling center and take the pole system there instead of throwing them in the trash.

I placed an order (online or by phone), where is it?

  • If you ordered individual parts and accessories your order will shill ship 1-2 business days

  • If you ordered a custom built tent pole it will ship in 4-5 business days.

  • When you order ships you will get an email based on the carrier

    • USPS – Endicia, the program we use to create labels, it will say “Terry Hegerle” has sent you a package

    • UPS – We use UPS Worldship and you should receive the tracking information directly from UPS when the label is scanned.

    • Please check your spam/junk folders for all shipping communication/documentation

  • Once we have handed your package off to the approved carrier, the responsibility for this package tracking will be yours. When the poles are delivered to your door we will no longer be responsible for replacement costs. Please send your poles/parts to a secure address. If the package is stolen from your door you will not be able to get money back on your order. Shipping Policy here

I submitted an inquiry through your website but haven’t heard back?

  • Please check your spam/junk folders for a notice from our “help desk”. We find this is most often the case.

  • During peak season (May-September) our response time is 2-4 business days. We work Monday-Friday so a message sent Friday night will not be answered till at least Monday morning. And an inquiry sent on Sunday night may take till Wednesday to get answered in full.

  • If you need a rush or faster response due to time constraints please call the office during the listed business hours (fluctuate based on time of year) Monday-Friday.”

Looking for repair?

If you are ready to send your pole in please click on the button below to download the repair form. Please fill it out and send in with your pole.
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