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We have been repairing tent poles for over 30 Years

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It is always nice to have an idea of cost before you send your poles off to our shop. So, you can do that here.

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This repair form has 2 pages.

-First page is information to help you get the poles to us safely.

-Second page we ask you to print out and put in the box with the poles.

TPT offers repair services for fiberglass, aluminum and carbon fiber tent poles. We specialize in shock corded assemblies of all kinds.

EASTON, DAC and Yunan aluminum parts and accessories that are still in production we try to have on hand.

We stay as current as we can with new products and do our best to have stock when something is no longer supported by a manufacturer.

It is important to us that the right material is used to create the best repair possible. Our dedicated staff will do everything they can to get your favorite tent up and running again.
Simple repairs - $10-15/pole: shock cord replacement and most fiberglass poles fall into this category

Average repairs - $20-30/pole, $20-100/tent: Most backpacking (1-2Person) and family (4-8 person) tents will fall into this category

Specialty Repairs - $40-100: Large diameter aluminum repairs, cabin tent and custom solutions when possible.

Shipping is not included in the cost of the repair. We will work with you to get your poles shipped back at the most cost effective rate.

Drop off service is available at our shop in Vancouver, WA

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