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Weight .1 oz
# of sections


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Aluminum Repair Sleeves




  • Aluminum Repair Sleeves – In an emergency these repair sleeves can keep you going until you can get your poles in for a permanent solution. Make sure to get a size big enough to fit over your aluminum pole.


Repair Sleeve Size Fits Aluminum Poles Sizes
. .435 O.D. (.375 I.D.) .315-.355
.520 O.D. (.440" I.D.) .355-.410
.575 O.D. (.490" I.D.) .433-.470
.625 O.D. (.545" I.D.) .490-.520
.750 O.D. (.650" I.D.) .625-.640


Looking for repair?

If you are ready to send your pole in please click on the button below to download the repair form. Please fill it out and send in with your pole.
Repair Form