6.9mm (9/32″) Diameter Fiberglass


Quality Fiberglass Section – What is the cross-woven difference? It means that these aren’t the same poles that broke on you the first time. The cross weave increases strength, durability and hold up to the test of time. It costs more than those pole that broke on you the first and we think the results are worth it. Our commitment to using the best materials we can helps you spend more time enjoying your trip and less time trying to figure out how to keep your tent up.

Need to know if the poles will work for the project you are working on? Check out this information on maximum bend radii:

Fiberglass Bend Radius Limits


18” Radius


22” Radius


28” Radius


36” Radius


42” Radius


48” Radius


56” Radius



Looking for repair?

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