Syclone Custom Assembled Pole


We custom cut and build each pole you order to match the measurements you provide. Using Custom Carbon 6.3 & Extreme Weather American made shock cord in every pole, you will end up with the lightest pole possible that provides a bit more structure/stiffness than the Custom Carbon 3.9.

These poles are assembled with 17” sections throughout and we adjust the end sections to accommodate the exact length you enter. The length of the poles when folded for carrying will not exceed 19.5”. The following chart will help you select the number of sections your pole will need:

Number of Sections Maximum Length
5-Section 85”
6-Section 102”
7-Section 119”
8-Section 136”
9-Section 153”
10-Section 170”
11-Section 187”
12-Section 204
13-Section 221


*Assembled Length (see product images) – You can write your pole measurement as either plus tips, of overall length as indicated in the image. This will make sure that we are assembling the pole just the way you need it.

If you need a pole:

  • made in less than 5-Sections or more than 13,
  • to fold shorter, to bend more than the maximum radius,
  • to have parts not listed as an option

Please submit an inquiry HERE

If you are creating a custom project make sure to check the maximum bend radius for the material you are choosing. Click HERE

Easton Syclone tent Poles are engineered from advanced composite materials using Mulit-Directional Construction. This unique process provides similar Characteristics as Carbon Fiber, Same weight as Aluminum and 80% more durable in wind and flex-testing

*Easton Syclone tubing reacts differently than aluminum to abuse and improper handing (i.e. crushing, prolonged abrasion, incomplete insert connection, extreme use). The weight savings are accompanied with a need for more vigilant care and proper handling. Though they are designed to meet the specifications of .340 material, they are susceptible to internal damage when overstressed.

Every material does has limits. If you are designing your own product and need further specifications for these products click here. *This product bend strength specifications are equal to .340 material

Looking for repair?

If you are ready to send your pole in please click on the button below to download the repair form. Please fill it out and send in with your pole.
Repair Form