Custom Carbon Fiber 6.3



Easton's Custom Carbon 6.3 poles are an extremely light, high performance carbon graphite tent pole system with bonded aluminum inserts. Made through Easton’s proprietary multi-layer carbon construction for the best combination of lightweight and durability. Carbon 6.3's have similar performance in stiffness, strength and deflection to Easton's .340" poles at 25-30% weight savings.  These poles are compatible with all .340 aluminum component (end-tips, inserts and angles) for that specialty project you may be designing.

*Carbon tubing reacts differently than aluminum to abuse and improper handing (i.e. crushing, prolonged abrasion, incomplete insert connection, extreme use). The weight savings attributable to carbon are accompanied with a need for more vigilant care and proper handling. With proper care, Easton carbon tubes can last as long as Easton's aluminum tubes.

Every material does have limits. If you are designing your own product and need further specifications for these Easton products click here.


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